ScreenShot2File 1.3 has developed this amazing shareware application
1.3.5 (See all) has developed this amazing shareware application called ScreeShot2File. Really simple and very easy to use, this cool utility allows you to take snapshots of any active window, or the entire screen by pressing a predefined combination of hot keys. Once you install the software, it remains in stand-by until you press the specific keyboard keys. ScreeShot2File can take snapshots during a game or any running application without interrupting the process. Once taken, the screenshots are saved directly to a file in an image format. While saving them, the program will automatically generate a name for each file according to the specified naming pattern that you can simply customize. Every screenshot can have its added watermark in which fonts, color and transparency can be customized too. ScreenShot2File is a great program simple to install and requiring no learning! No user guide is needed and you can get started with your first screenshot within a minute. Download its free trial now! It’s worth it!

Review summary


  • Easy to use
  • You can add watermarks to your screenshots
  • No guides needed!


  • None
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